Kirsi J. Sahlberg

Kirsi Sahlberg is a Numerologist specialized in
numbers and the energies they represent. She
puts numbers in different categories by using
 the energy of a number as a defining factor.

She has established the categories to clarify
 the differences between different number
energies and to demonstrate how the different
 types of energies affect our feelings and
 behaviour patterns;

A quality of a personal number (birth and
name numbers) is a quality in our
an unstable and irrational number =
an unstable and irrational personality trait.

Kirsi uses a different, non-traditional method
 with the number calculations. The very same
method led her to her discoveries about the
real reasons behind mental "illnesses" and
personality problems.

She started out as a "regular" numerologist
 2009 and soon there after she started to do
research about people with mental health
 problems, their personal numbers and the
connection between them. While doing her
research she found the actual reasons that
 cause mental "illnesses". She also figured
out the solution as to how to correct the
mental imbalance:

As part of the research, she changed
people`s names from unstable to stable
 and the results spoke for themselves;

A person with Anorexia Nervosa stopped
 abusing her body, a person with severe
anxiety and Bipolar Disorder gained mental
 stability, an individual diagnosed with OCD
was no longer suffering from obsessive-
compulsive behavior ect.

She established that when the mental
imbalance is not caused by a physical or
developmental problem,the reasons for
mental imbalance are found in our un-
balanced personal numbers.

She established that the cause of mental
 "illness" is an energy imbalance in our
  personal energy field, not a chemical im-
balance in the brain, largely promoted by
 the pharmaceutical

Kirsi is the author of the book
 Mental Illness by Numbers

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