Kirsi Sahlberg
Name Numerologist

Name change, needed or not?

A stable name

A stable name “handles” unstable, changing
personal number energies better than an
unstable name. A person with a stable name
has better mental stability than a person
with an unstable name.

If a person has a stable name, it is not
necessary to change the name just because
  she/he happens to be experiencing, for
example, the emotional turmoil, brought
by the personal year, month or period
number 5.

Energywise, the number 5 is quite trying,
because its energy creates nervousness,
anxiety and emotional turmoil, more or less.
The intensity of the effect depends on
other personal numbers an individual has.

There are different, natural ways we can
alleviate the anxiety and other emotional
or behavioural problems brought by our
(sometimes energywise difficult) changing
personal numbers; 

Different flower and crystal (and other
energy essences) essences are magnificent
remedies and can be used to alleviate
different emotional problems.
Their energy
modifies our energy field and therefore our
feelings and behaviour.

Vibrational medicine doesn’t harm our physical
health like the mind altering drugs do.  

Meditation is also a great way to ease the
anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings we
might experience.
There are many different natural therapies,
that can be used to correct the energy
imbalance in our energy field and energy
centers (chakras).

An unstable name

When we have an unstable name and/or birth
numbers (unstable personality), our constantly
changing personal numbers, especially unstable
ones, worsen the mental instability very easily.

When it comes to a severe mental imbalance
(mental “illness”) caused by the unbalanced
name and birth numbers, a name change is
beneficial, because the name and birth num-
bers are permanent number energies present
in our personal energy field.

In the case of mental “illness”, the imbalance
 between personal numbers is usually so severe,
that it is easily “fixed” by a name change.


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