Kirsi Sahlberg
Name Numerologist

What to expect

After a name change,
it takes several weeks/days for the energy field
to completely settle with the new number
In many cases, the change can be felt instantly,
but it takes time for the energy
field to renew itself completely.

Our personal energy field = our feelings and

The long lasting emotional turmoil and negative
thought patterns leave their own imprint into
our personal energy field and energy centers
(chakras), so it is (depending on the situation)
beneficial to clear the energies by using
vibrational medicine or other energy altering
natural therapies to get a fresh start with the
new energy field. It is beneficial but not
the name change changes our energy field
whether we use vibrational medicine or not,
 but the vibrational medicine, in many cases,
speeds up the process by clearing the long
lasting negative energies and thought patterns.

After a name change, the changed energy
field (your personality) may not be compatible
with some of the friends and family members.
When your name changes, personal preferences
and inner desires change along with it (depends
on the changes done with the name).

You might not get along with the same people
you used to get along with before the name
You might not like the same things and
circumstances you used to like before the
name change.
The final outcome depends on the changes
done with your name.

In many cases, it is possible to stabilize the
name without changing the personality

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