Kirsi Sahlberg
Name Numerologist

What to consider

Before you consider a name change
to correct the mental imbalance/personality/
behaviour problem, make sure the imbalance/
personality/behaviour problem is not caused
by a physical problem or mind altering

A name change provides better mental
stability but it doesn't make us
"perfect"  or entirely free of life's
troubles or crisis.

In some cases, if you suffer from anxiety
or/and depression, you might be going
trough "the dark night of the soul".

The dark night of the soul is a process
of spiritual renewal when people
experience an intense, spiritual growing
period. Those growth periods happen
from time to time.

The dark night of the soul is very trying
growth period when the Universe guides
us to open our heart chakra and urges us
to get rid of the old emotional baggage.
The dark night puts us in a position where
we don't have a choice but to face the
past and the present. It forces us to be
honest and truthful with ourselves and
Life is a learning process so we can't
avoid growing pains and the life lessons
we have to learn during our lifetime.

If you're going through the dark night
of the soul, it is wise to concentrate on
the inner, unfinished work within yourself.
It is the best and the only way to get
through it.
It is very common that nothing else seems
to help in that situation.

There are several books and articles
on the internet about this subject.

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