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Name Change

Name change is personality and behaviour
We can manipulate our personal energy
field (personality, feelings and behaviour)
by changing our name.

When our name changes, our personality,
feelings and behaviour changes, more or
The final outcome depends on the numbers
in the new name.

When we have an unstable name, a name
change is beneficial.
Good mental health is created by a stable
name and birth numbers.

When we are aggressive, emotionally cold,
emotionally unstable, timid, anxious,
chronicly depressed, hyper, hyperactive,
controlling, compulsive, nervous, weak-
willed with low self-esteem, anoretic,
bulimic, autistic, schizophrenic, paranoid,
prone to addiction ect., it is a result of
our unbalanced and unstable personal
(Provided that physical and developmental
problems and mind altering medication are

When we have an unstable name and/or
birth numbers (emotionally unstable per-
 sonality), our constantly changing personal
numbers (personal year, month, period or
pinnacle numbers), especially unstable
ones, worsen the mental instability very

A stable name "handles" the unstable
changing personal number energies better
than an unstable name.

A stable name provides mental stability
and is a very important "component" when
it comes to a healthy energy field and
good mental health.

It is impossible to build a "perfect" name,
because our changing personal numbers
mold our personality constantly. But it is
possible to build a stable name which
provides better mental stability.

A stable name provides better mental
stability (than an unstable name) during
the (energy wise) difficult times in our
lives, but (due to our changing personal
numbers) there is no such thing as a
name that quarantees a "smooth sailing"
at all times.

Unstable numbers are unstable energies
which create unstable feelings and
behaviour patterns.

If you have an unstable name and you
enter your personal year number 5
(which is an unstable, anxious and nervous
number energy), it creates stress,
nervousness, hyperactivity, irrationality
 and anxiety in your energy field.

Just like your name and birth numbers,
your changing personal numbers (their
energy) are a part of your energy field.

Your personal numbers = your energy field =
your personality,feelings and behaviour

More about personal numbers and how they
 affect our personality, feelings and
behaviour in the book
 Mental Illness By Numbers

In many cases a name change is beneficial,
but there are situations when it is not

Name change, needed or not?

What to consider before the name change

What to expect during and after a name change

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