Kirsi Sahlberg
Name Numerologist

Fee & Terms of service

Possible physical problems which
might create the mental imbalance
and different effects of medication
have to be excluded before the
name change, so please make sure
your mental health/personality
problems are not caused by a
physical problem
or mind altering

Kirsi lets you know, whether you need a
name change or not.
(based on the information you`ve provided)

If you do, you'll receive an invoice from Paypal
to your email.

The fee for a name change:

  240€ (

Once the payment is cleared, Kirsi
 starts to work on your new name.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the
creation of your new name.

the fee is not refundable once
the new name is delivered to you.

In a name change the goal is to
manipulate the middle names so
that the first and the last name
stay the same.

The goal is to create a stable name.
Your personal preferences will be noted,
but it cannot be quaranteed that your
personal preferences (the names of
your choice) can be applied to the new
name, but:

We ourselves know what is best for
us during particular time periods of
our lives and soul's journey. If you
prefer one name over another, it
may be the choice your soul prefers
at this time of your life.

Kirsi knows how to build a
stable name, but you choose
name you prefer.

Whether you decide to use one name
over another, it is up to your personal
Kirsi provides a stable name
(considering your personal preferences
as much as possible), but only you can
decide what you do with it.

Like in every other situation in life,
do what feels right for you. Nobody
knows better than yourself what is
best for you and what choices you
should make.

If you have questions about the
differences between 2 different
names, ask Kirsi)

One changed letter in your name can change
 your personality significantly. If you alter the
name by yourself, it is not necessarily a stable
 name after the alteration.

Important to read before considering
a name change:

Information about the name change

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